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Liaison Unit

Quarterly Report

Each agency submits a quarterly report during the fiscal year per DHR Rules and Regulations (Administrative Code, Title 56, Chapter 2, Subpart H, Section 2520.770(c) Reporting and Record-Keeping). The report must be signed by the agency CEO and agency EEO/AA Officer. There are six forms required for the report.

The “Program Goals” form (DHR 13-Q) lists the objectives for the quarter. The affirmative action plan (AAP) written for each fiscal year has a detailed section as to how the agency plans to meet its program and numerical goals throughout the fiscal year. Those goals are reviewed each quarter to see whether or not the agency is on schedule to meet their goals or have indicated any new proposed goals.

DHR divides the state into ten regions. The “Quarterly Underutilization Summary” form (DHR 12-Q) indicates the agency underutilization for each region the agency is in. The first quarter report will show the underutilization figures as they appear in the AAP. The race and sex of each newly hired employee and promoted employee is categorized into EEO job categories. Total hires and promotions (from one category to another) are subtracted from the underutilization at the beginning of the quarter. This process determines the current underutilization.

The “Summary Workforce Analysis” form (DHR-9) by region details the present number of employees in each EEO job category by race and sex. This is displayed by each region separately and a combined total of all the regions.

The “Summary Workforce Transactions” form (DHR-10) is a breakdown of the new hires, promotions, suspensions, separations, discharges, layoffs, etc., for each EEO job category by race and sex.

The “Quarterly Report on Disability” form (DHR 27-Q) is a report on the status of employment of people with disabilities for the quarter. The underutilization of people with disabilities is shown along with the total number of hires for the quarter and the total hires of people with disabilities for the quarter. The number of people with disabilities, which are underrepresented, is displayed.

The “Employment Discrimination Complaints” form (DHR 15-Q) details the complaints filed against the agency. Internal and external complaints are listed by date received, location, issue, basis, and current status of the charge.

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