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Illinois Department of Human Rights Legal Division

Overview of the Legal Division

The Legal Division oversees the ethics program of the Department and manages the State Agency Liaison unit and the Public Contracts unit. The Legal Division also reviews the investigative work for substantial evidence determinations; conciliates cases; and drafts and files complaints with the Illinois Human Rights Commission (“Commission”) after a finding of substantial evidence and if no settlement is reached. For charges filed prior to January 1, 2008, the Legal Division decides Request for Review cases filed with the Department’s Chief Legal Counsel; for charges filed after January 1, 2008, the Legal Division files responses to Requests for Review filed with the Commission. The Legal Division also litigates discrimination cases involving real estate transactions before the Commission; responds to Freedom of Information Act requests; enforces the equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs under the Illinois Human Rights Act; and enforces provisions under the Illinois Human Rights Act as to public contractors and eligible bidders.