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The Investigation

The case moves to the investigation stage if the parties do not participate in mediation or if the mediation is unsuccessful.  Respondents and Complainants have a responsibility to cooperate with IDHR’s investigation. IDHR also has the power to subpoena relevant documents and persons.

IDHR’s role is to conduct a neutral investigation of the allegations in the charge.  The Investigator assigned to the case may contact and interview relevant witnesses and may obtain pertinent documents from both parties.  Respondents are required to preserve any records pertinent to the charge.  In addition, Respondents are prohibited from retaliating against any person who has filed or otherwise participated in the investigation of a charge.  A person who believes s/he has been retaliated against may file a retaliation charge with IDHR.

More information on The Investigation Process

Please note IDHR's Credibility Notice to Parties, also in [ Español ].