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IDHR's Audit Process

​Vendor/Business Compliance Review

According to Title 44, Subpart D, Section 750.230 of the Department Rules, the Department may periodically request information from any facilities or operations of a public contractor/eligible bidder to determine compliance with the Act and this Part. 

Each year, IDHR will randomly select a number of businesses who have an active IDHR Eligibility Number and notify them of their selection for compliance review (a desk audit). Annually, this process impacts a limited percentage of the thousands of vendors registered with IDHR. The goal of IDHR's audit process is to ensure that registered vendors and businesses continue to comply with the standards and requirements outlined by IDHR's eligibility criteria and in accordance to the IL Human Rights Act.

If your business has been selected for audit, IDHR's Public Contracts Unit will notify you, provide an outline of the process and requested documentation, and explain the timeline for audit response requirements. 


If your company or business has been selected for an audit by IDHR's Public Contracts Unit, we encourage you to download and complete the Compliance Review Questionnaire in this link.

If you have questions about our audit process, required documentation, or response to an audit notification, please email our Public Contracts Unit -