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IDHR Vendor Eligibility Number

IDHR has launched an online registration/renewal system for all vendors.

If your business or company has an existing IDHR Number, DO NOT create a New Account in ELP. Your account has been established in the new system with your recent history; check your registered email for set-up instructions. To find out more about your online account verification, activation, and status, read more in the ELP User Guide found here.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: We are proud to offer the IDHR portal to the State of Illinois Enterprise Licensing and Permitting (ELP) system, to make your registration or renewal of a business or business location easier, faster, and more accessible. This portal was instroduced on March 15, 2021.

Businesses/Vendors who wish to register for the first time and those who wish to renew a valid IDHR Employer Eligibility Number for a primary business or headquarters (PC1) may do so through the new online Enterprise Licensing and Permitting portal (ELP) for IDHR with a valid credit card. If your company has multiple locations with the same FEIN as the corporate headquarters, those locations must also be registered individually through the ELP using a PC1-A registration.


You will need the following before you begin your application online in the new Illinois Enterprise Licensing and Permitting (ELP) portal for IDHR:

  • Create or verify your business account in the State of Illinois Enterprise Licensing and Permitting portal (ELP) for IDHR.
  • Access to the email address associated with your business's online account in the ELP, noted above;
  • Confirmation of the address, phone number, and email address for the business account in the ELP;
  • A personal or corporate credit or debit card for payment of your online registration and processing fees (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or Amex);
  • The count of your business's employees based upon the following racial categories: American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, White.
  • The Sexual Harassment Policy for your business (meeting requirements outlined by IDHR), confirmation of its posting (in your workplace), and the most recent date of sexual harassment prevention training;
  • Knowledge of whether your company has an affirmative action plan and an employer handbook
  • (asked about but not required for approval)
  • Knowledge of whether your company has had any adverse judgments or administrative rulings related to discrimination or harassment or charges of unlawful discrimination;
  • Knowledge of whether your company has been previously audited in a Compliance Review by IDHR and the year of that review.

Contact the Public Contracts Unit directly if you have questions not answered here on our website or in the ELP User Guide.