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Path of a Charge

Illinois Department of Human Rights


The charge is filed and sent to Respondent within ten (10) days of filing.  Charges must be filed within one year for a Housing case.

  • Mediation - If both parties agree to mediation, and sign an extension for 90 days, the case will be sent to mediation.  If mediation is successful, a voluntary settlement will close the case.  If mediation is unsuccessful, the case is forwarded for investigation.

IDHR may require the Respondent to file with IDHR a formal response to the charge, or Respondent may voluntarily elect to file a formal response within 60 days from receipt of the charge.  


The charge is assigned to an investigator and a fact-finding conference may be scheduled and held.  At any time during an investigation there may be a voluntary settlement.  A determination is issued at the conclusion of the investigation.

Finding Issued

Substantial Evidence:

  • Conciliation
  • Voluntary settlement
  • Conciliation unsuccessful, complaint filed with the Human Rights Commission


  • Civil Action in Circuit Court

Lack of Substantial Evidence:

  • Dismissal
  • Request for Review (Appeal) process - optional
  • If dismissal sustained, appeal to Appellate Court
  • If successful, Substantial Evidence procedures followed


  • Civil Action in Circuit Court