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Charge Process


The Department of Human Rights' Intake Unit can assist you in preparing a charge of discrimination.  A charge of discrimination must be filed within 300 days after the alleged discriminatory action, or one year for a Housing case. 

Information Needed

When you file a charge of discrimination, you will need to give us as much detailed information as possible:

  • Give us your full name, mailing address and a phone number where you can be reached, or information for a contact person if you cannot be reached. You are responsible for notifying IDHR of any changes.
  • Give accurate and complete information of the employer, (refer to your IRS W-2 form for the correct legal name of the employer), union, other organization or person that you believe discriminated against you. Include name(s), address(es) and telephone number(s).
  • Give the most recent date the alleged discrimination took place.
  • Provide names and contact information for any witnesses and copies of any relevant documents.

How to File a Charge

To file a charge of discrimination under the Illinois Human Rights Act, contact us by one of the two methods below: 

1).  In Writing: Complainant Information Sheet

Individuals may complete a Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to provide information that enables the Department to assess and respond to your submission. See the links provided below to ensure you have the correct form.

A completed CIS may be submitted by email, mail or fax to the Department’s contact information listed on the bottom of the CIS form. Note: Submitting the CIS does not mean you have filed a charge.

2).  In Person *

Print, complete and sign a Complainant Information Sheet ("CIS") from the links at the bottom of this page.  Bring the completed and signed CIS with you when you come.

Intake staff will interview you and, if your allegations are covered by the Act, will draft a charge which you must sign; non-housing charges must also be signed and dated under oath or affirmation.  IDHR staff does not suggest reasons to file, but will discuss the various types of discrimination and explain the procedures for filing a charge.  In addition, IDHR may refer you to other agencies where appropriate.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, IDHR follows the safety protocols outlined by the State of Illinois and IL Central Management Services (CMS). IDHR will soon have details about walk-in and on-site services. Get more details below on IDHR office locations, directions, and hours with the links below.

IDHR Contact Information
IDHR Office Locations

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations to participate in IDHR programs should request such help from the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator. You may contact the Coordinator by calling the numbers listed below:

  • Call (312) 814-6262 (Voice) or (866) 740-3953 (TTY)

Legal Guardian

Only a parent or legal guardian may file a charge on behalf of a minor or other person who has a guardian appointed to manage his/her affairs. Persons under the age of 18 are considered minors under state law.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)/Non-English Speaker

IDHR provides interpreters upon request for languages other than English or sign language. If a non-English speaking party chooses to secure their own interpreter, the interpreter must be 18 years of age or older and able to communicate effectively in both languages. For more information, please contact the LEP Coordinator at (312) 814-6262, (312) 814-1436 (fax), (866) 740-3953 (TTY).

Complainant Information Sheet (CIS)

Please select from the list below the Intake Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) that pertains to the area of your discrimination allegation: 


Public Accommodations

Financial Credit

Sexual Harassment in Education

Fair Housing


Charge filing forms and instructions are available at the link below.

Attorney Packet

These forms are available in "PDF" format. Viewing "PDF" files requires Acrobat Reader.

Download a free version of Acrobat Reader.


Case Status and File Review

For information about the status of a pending charge or to review a case file*, complete the online 'Contact IDHR' form and select EXISTING CHARGE/CASE, or call (312) 814-4320.

* Note: file review is only available if the investigation is not pending or active.